Courtesy cars

The MPM courtesy program!

Exclusive for MPM Workshop holders!

MPM, together with its wholesalers, hereby presents its shining courtesy car program for 2024!

The MPM loaner car program gives the garage business a top notch appearance with the most competitive rates and, of course, with a great extra service for your customers. Current offerings: Toyota Aygo X, Kia Picanto, Toyota Yaris Hybrid, the Proace City and completely new to our offering the 100% electric new ë-C3 with a driving range of 320 km

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Benefits for you as an MPM garage owner:
  • Best deal for MPM customers together with your wholesaler.
  • From €278.00 per month a top loaner car with take-over option.
  • High quality appearance.
  • Free cool MPM signing and lettering with the name and logo of your garage.
  • Always service and convenience for the customers.
  • Commercially usable.
Exclusive benefit for you as MPM Oil Specialist:
  • 10% discount on base price
    (excludes options and buyout).
In 3 steps a unique, cool and new MPM courtesy car:
  • You make your choice from the available makes, model and options.
  • You sign a standard rental agreement with your wholesaler.
  • Festive handover of your car by MPM and your wholesaler at the MPM location in Delft.

Just Drive!

1. Images shown are indicative and may differ from the actual product.

2. Tariff is based on Net Operational Lease, optional insurance, including: interest / depreciation, administration costs and holding tax, excluding VAT. and excluding the first fuel tank of 25, -

3. Toyota ProAce City Live L1 - Paneling floor/walls - Diesel - With a choice of standard and extended wheelbase, the ProAce City is suitable for any business. With generous cargo space of up to 3.7 m2 for the short model and up to 4.3 m2 in the extended version.

Veelgestelde vragen

Extra service and convenience for your customer. Professional appearance with a neat new loan car. Very favorable lease rate, possibility to use commercially. No own money in replacement transport; trade money remains free. Transparent construction with no obligation to purchase. Sticker set consisting of MPM + your own logo and company name.

Lease amounts do not include VAT.

The car is on the balance sheet with the leasing company.

Approximately two months after signing your agreement. In consultation we can always look for a stock car available and shorten the delivery time.

Delivery will in principle take place in Delft at MPM (Cyclotronweg 1, Delft) with a company visit and festive handover.

Specifically different requirements must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

You can choose from the colors black or white or silver. In principle, only silver-colored vehicles are supplied for professional garages.

Cars are stickered with nice MPM signing. Besides MPM stickering, we can also put your logo and company name on the car. MPM takes care of the stickering.

There are two possible situations:
  1. You provide the loaner car to your customers:
    In this situation you do not have any obligations regarding additional taxable benefit.
  2. You provide the loaner car to yourself privately, or to an employee:
    In this situation, the additional taxable benefit must be paid by the driver, or a comprehensive mileage record must be kept if only business (or commuting) use is made of the car.

The cars fall - if registered in 2016 - in the 21% additional taxable benefit category, when registered in 2017 it will be 22%. The addition is calculated over the tax value of the car; that is the car including the ex-factory options.

Fines are charged directly to the garage by the leasing company.

The garage company should insure the car WA + Casco at book value, this can also be done through the leasing company.

The leasing company, the tax is included in the lease price.